Microsoft Word & Excel Beginners Course

Microsoft Word & Excel Beginners Course



Attendees should be familiar with a PC and the Windows environment and posses basic keyboard skills.   

Course Content:   

  • Starting up Word  

  • The Microsoft Office button and Quick Access Toolbar  

  • The Word Window, use of Tabs and the Ribbon  

  • Creating A New Document  

  • Saving Documents, using Save As and Save  

  • Opening and Closing a Document  

  • Sending a file via e-mail  

  • Exiting Word  

  • Selecting text and Vertical Selection    

  • Editing Text, including the word-wrap feature, inserting, overtyping, deleting, Undo & Re-do  

  • Formatting Text, including Changing Font/Font  

Size, Applying Bold, Italic or Underline, The  

Format Painter and use of the Change Case &  

Drop Case features  

  • Printing documents    

  • Using the Spell Checker & Thesaurus  

  • Automatically correcting mistakes using AutoCorrect  

  • Moving Around the Document, including moving to a specific page  

  • Description of the different Viewing Modes, including Normal, Page Layout and Print Preview  • Aligning Text  

  • Indenting Paragraphs (Moving text away from the margin)  

  • Adjusting Line Spacing   


Course Content:   

  • Starting up Excel & Basic uses of Worksheets   

  • The Excel Window, use of the Tabs & Ribbon   

  • The Microsoft Office button and Quick Access Toolbar  

  • Creating A New Workbook  

  • Entering, Editing and deleting data  

  • Using the Undo Feature  

  • Opening a Workbook  

  • Closing a Workbook  

  • Exiting Excel  

  • Using the different Workbook views  

  • Selecting Cells and Ranges of data  

  • Formatting the Workbook, including Changing Font/Font Size, Changing the Number Format,  

Alignment, Colours and Shading   

  • Copy, Cut and Paste using Text between one or more Workbooks  

  • Entering Values as Text  

  • Moving Around the Worksheet  

  • Automatically inserting lists used on a regular basis, i.e. Jan, Feb, Mar using the AutoFill feature   

  • Formatting Rows and Columns, including Sizing, Adding, Deleting and Hiding  

  • Printing and Print Preview  

  • Splitting and Freezing Cells